Code of Concern


If you have a concern against a direct selling company that is a member of a Direct Selling Association of India (DSAI) for any business practice you believe is unethical or illegal and a possible violation of the Code of Conduct, we recommend the following available options.

First, try to resolve the matter directly with the company. Every company that is a member of a Indian Direct Selling Association (Indian DSAI) must adhere to their Code of Ethics. Try to resolve your complaint with the company first. Your complaint should be in writing, and should include the following basic information:

  • The date and details of the incident
  • The parties involved
  • If possible, identify the Code violation you believe has occurred
  • Efforts you have made to resolve the matter
  • List the amount and cost of product, if relevant, include invoices or other supporting documents
  • Any responses the other parties have made to resolve the matter
  • The current status of the complaint
  • How you would like to see the complaint resolved or remedied.