Code of Resolution


While it’s rare that consumers or independent sales consultants (ISCs) have a complaint with DSAI members or their representatives, we stand ready to assist you if the need arises. Our self-regulatory processes ensure that DSAI member companies and their independent salespeople comply with our codes through our Code Administrator (CA).
If ever you feel a DSAI member company or ISC is engaging in a business practice you believe to be unethical, illegal, or violating our Codes of Ethics (to which every DSAI member must adhere), we recommend these steps:

Step 1

Try to resolve the matter directly with the company or ISC. Your complaint should be in writing and include the following basic points:

  • Date and details of the incident;
  • Parties involved;
  • If possible, identify the specific Code you feel was violated;
  • Efforts you’ve made to resolve the matter;
  • Cost and amount of product, if relevant, and include invoices or other supporting documents;
  • Any responses the other parties made to resolve the matter;
  • Current status of the complaint; and
  • How you’d like to see the issue resolved or remedied.

Step 2

If you still are not satisfied, contact the DSA’s Code Administrator, providing a written description of your complaint. The CA acts independently, and all member companies have agreed to honour his/her decisions. The CA is not connected with any member company nor Association staff, and you can correspond directly with the CA (marked “CONFIDENTIAL”) via: